Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are?

The word is out now--the fairly popular television show "Who Do You Think You Are?" is returning to the airwaves on Tuesday, July 23rd on the TLC network.  Like the Ancestry.com commercials, the show has inspired a lot of people to think about--and talk about--their family history. Using celebrities as subjects, the show "researches" their family history and tells the celebrities the compelling stories that we all yearn to find in our own ancestry. The show even has the celebrities "start" the research by using Ancestry.com.

Don't get me wrong--I use Ancestry.com as one of many tools for my own research, and for my clients.  But we genealogists know that Ancestry.com is not the only tool to use.  And, we all know that the show utilizes professional archivists, librarians, and genealogists who spend many weeks and even months--off camera--to do the real research. Unfortunately, the show never tells its audience how long it does take to find our ancestors and their stories. I wish they would make that disclaimer.

Even so, I do like the show. Yes, I admit it. And it's on my calendar to watch. I'm in it for the fun of it all.


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