Monday, December 23, 2013

SCGS 2014 Webinar series

Hi all!

The Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) has announced its 2014 lineup for their webinar series. All the programs are free, and are featured on a monthly basis. Most of the programs are on Wednesdays at 6 pm (PST) while some are on Saturdays (10 am, PST), and run for about 90 minutes. All that is asked of you is to register ahead of time, so SCGS can send you the internet link for you to use to get into the webinar.  Your computer's speakers are obviously needed, but the webcam and microphone not required. Instead, there is a dialogue box for attendees to type in their questions, and a moderator to pose the questions to the speaker.

The series is great for beginner genealogists, or anyone needing a refresher course.

The link below will take you to the webinar page, with the list of webinars and speakers scheduled.

I also wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, a wonderful Kwanzaa, and a Happy, Healthy New Year.


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