Monday, January 27, 2014

Ancestors of the Week

I'd like to try something different this time around---called "Ancestors of the Week". I've been looking for the opportunity to share some of the many photos I have of my many ancestors. I do hope you enjoy the photos over the next few weeks.  And, yes, I will continue to post other genealogical items as well.

So, here's the first photo. This is the 1910 family photo is of my great-grandparents Robert Martin Wombacher and Louisa (Strassburger) Wombacher, and their nine children. My grandfather Clarence is the young lad standing next to his mother and in front of his sister Tutsie.  By the way, my grandfather preferred to be called Dutch, as he much disliked his given name but appreciated his German heritage. Maybe I'm biased, but I think he's good-looking!  Enjoy.

Back row: Henry, Katie, Bob, Tutsie, and George.
Front: Robert, Margaret, Elmer, Lester, Dutch, and Louisa.
Duluth, Minnesota, 1910.

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