Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ancesters of the Week: the Freukes siblings

This week's ancestors are the three Freukes siblings. The eldest is Margaret (1857-1929), on the right. She's my great-great grandmother, married to my great-great grandfather Cornelius Kane who died in the influenza epidemic in 1918. The youngest, Mary (1862-1936) was known as Fay-Fay, and was married to George Siegle.  In the middle is William, born about 1858, is the one I know least about. He was married for a short time to Mary Lena Ruder, but later divorced. I don't have a birth date nor a death date, and remains a mystery as to what ever happened to him.

Mary, William, and Margaret Freukes
Not shown: brother Peter, who had already died.
Undated photo.

Their father was William Freukes (1828-1898), born in Prussia--maybe! Still looking for his passenger list and naturalization papers. His wife was Irish-born Katherine Ralph (1829-1884). There was a fourth child, Peter (1859-1884), who never married.

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