Monday, February 10, 2014

Ancestors of the Week--George Schmidt family

This photo is of my great-great grandparents George Schmidt and Augusta Schiefelbein, both born in Germany. George was born in August 1850, and Augusta was born in September 1862. The family lived in St. Croix, Wisconsin. There would be two more sons, Robert and George, and one daughter Lillian. George and Augusta would later divorce. George died in Washington state in 1903, Augusta died in Wisconsin in 1905.

The two children with them are their eldest daughter Anna (in George's lap) and eldest son Charles. Anna was born in 1887 in Wisconsin, and is the only great-grandparent of mine that I actually met. She died in 1975. Charles was born in 1888 or 1889. All three sons are a huge brick wall for me--I have no idea what ever happened to them when they became adults.

George and Augusta (Schiefelbein) Schmidt
with children Anna and Charles.
Undated photo, but estimated 1889.

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