Friday, February 28, 2014

Ancestors of the Week--Three Generations and a mystery.

Thanks to my cousin Mary, proud resident of Philadelphia, who sent me this photo to blog about. It's the Wombacher family, again. This photo was taken in 1912. In the center is Robert M. and Louisa Wombacher with their nine children, a couple of daughters- and sons-in-law, and the first five of their many grandchildren.  

In the top row, from the right, you'll see daughter Marie and her husband Morton. Apparently, so the story goes, Marie was not the only Wombacher daughter he fathered a child with. That illegitimate child was adopted out, and no one knows what became of that child.

Sitting in front of Morton is the eldest Wombacher daughter, Katie. She seems to have something on her mind, other than posing for the photograph.....

In front of her is my 12-year-old grandfather, Clarence, better known as Dutch.  I wonder if he knew anything about it??

By the way, March is Women's History Month. I should mention that Louisa and her daughters Katie and Marie were active in the suffragette movement, and worked hard to get the 19th Amendment added to the US Constitution. Thanks to them, women have the right to vote!

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