Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hiding the Past: A Genealogical Crime Mystery

I just finished reading Nathan Dylan Goodwin's fictitious novel entitled Hiding the Past: A Genealogical Crime Mystery. The main character, Morton Farrier, is a forensic genealogical hired by Peter Coldrick, to unlock his past. However, Coldrick's past is not so easy to trace--and it gets complicated as well as dangerous for Morton Farrier.

The author does a fine job with creating a story where the genealogist--Morton--has to employ some non-standard techniques and outside-the-box thinking to uncover Coldrick's unusual family history. There are a few twists and turns that kept my attention. At 256 pages, it's a fairly quick read--I read the first 200 pages waiting for my college students to write their final exam this afternoon.

Bottom line--if you like mysteries and want to think about non-standard genealogical research techniques, this is a fun book to read.

Also of interest: RootsTech 2014 is now underway in Salt Lake City. Wish I was there! However, a number of the workshops will be streamed online. Check out the schedule at

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