Monday, January 26, 2015

1888 Census for Peoria Township, Illinois

Recently I came across the Peoria County Genealogy Society website, and found an unusual but amazing find.  While many of us are familiar with the US Federal Census decennial records that occur every ten years since 1790. And we may be familiar with several state censuses that have occurred, mostly throughout the 19th century. But did you know that Peoria did one of their own, just for the township, in 1888? Yes, folks, the society actually has an 1888 Census for the Peoria township! What a great alternate to the missing 1890 Census. Because of this unique census, I now have two more branches of my Wombacher and Strassburger family trees.
The 1888 census is in book form, but it is no longer in print. But, for those of you who get into Peoria, the Peoria Public Library and the Allen County Library (in Fort Wayne) each have a copy. But if you know the names of people who lived in Peoria at the time, go to the Peoria County Genealogy society's website and you can do a quick lookup. Alice Brophy and Laraine Wessels can help provide additional information. Their website:

For a complete list of those state census records (and keep in mind that many of these are no longer available), go to
And, you can access the available state census records at and

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