Sunday, April 6, 2014

My 15 Grandmothers--a review.

Hi all!
I just finished reading a lovely, short (149 pages) book entitled My 15 Grandmothers by Genie Milgrom.  Genie was born in Cuba, and moved to Florida after the 1959 revolution. She was raised Catholic, but from an early age felt uncomfortable in that faith.  She felt drawn to the Jewish faith.
Genie was also drawn to her grandparent's ancestry in Spain and Portugal, even though her grandparents refused to reveal any meaningful information.

Genie's well-written story covers her personal story of faith and genealogy, and the truth of her Converso Jewish roots. Hers is a compelling story. When I finished the book, I wished for more--more about her 15 grandmothers (whom she lists, but not much more is told), and more about the story of the Jews in Spain and Portugal, and the Inquisition that they faced. At the very end, she includes a list of her maternal surnames and a glossary of terminology that is valuable for anyone researching their Jewish ancestry.

Genie has more information at her website.