Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kathy's Gates to the Past : Family Tree Maker--Part 2

Kathy's Gates to the Past : Family Tree Maker--Part 2: In the aftermath of Ancestry's announcement to discontinue of the Family Tree Maker (sales ending at the end of this month, and product ...

Family Tree Maker--Part 2

In the aftermath of Ancestry's announcement to discontinue of the Family Tree Maker (sales ending at the end of this month, and product support in January 2017), there have been a LOT of comments,  discussions, and blogging. The comments/discussions range from heartbreak, disappointment, questioning the business practices of, and some considering cancelling their Ancestry membership. In short, it's been a whirlwind week!
Among the many blogs posted is Judy Russell's The Legal Genealogist blogpost of her thoughts about Family Tree Maker. She blogged on the best recommendations and alternatives to Ancestry's announcement. I certainly agree with her, including looking at two fantastic software programs--RootsMagic and Legacy Family Tree. No, you don't have stop using Family Tree Maker, but should you decide to switch programs, give these two programs a look. 
Here's Judy's blog:

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Family Tree Maker to be discontinued

I am heartbroken to learn today that Ancestry will no longer support the Family Tree Maker software program in January of 2017.  It will no longer be sold after this year. I have been using the program since the late 1980's, long before Ancestry bought the program. It has always been a sturdy program, and one of the best in the industry.  A truly sad day for the FTM users.

Here's the Ancestry blog notice:
Posted by Kendall Hulet on December 8, 2015 in Family Tree Maker Ancestry is proud to have made a significant investment this year to bring valuable new content and records to the Ancestry site. In 2015, we’ve made 220 million searchable historical records from Mexico available, more than 170 million pages from the largest collection of U.S. will and probate records, among others. We’ve also introduced new features such as Ancestry Academy and major advancements for AncestryDNA. We remain dedicated to helping people gain new levels of understanding about their lives, and who and what led to them, harnessing the information found in family trees, historical records and genetics. As a company, we’re also continually evaluating ways to focus our efforts to provide the most impact and best product experience for our users through our core offerings. True to this focus, we’ve taken a hard look at the declining desktop software market and the impact this has on being able to continue to provide product enhancements and support that our users need. With that, we’ve made the decision to stop selling Family Tree Maker as of December 31, 2015. Our subscription business and website, on the other hand, continue to grow and we are doubling down our efforts to make that experience even better for our Ancestry community. Ancestry will continue to support current owners of Family Tree Maker at least through January 1, 2017. During this time, all features of the software, including TreeSync™, will continue to work, and Member Services will be available to assist with user questions. We will also address major software bugs that may occur, as well as compatibility updates. These changes are never easy, but by focusing our efforts, we can concentrate on continuing to build great products for our loyal Ancestry community. If you have inquiries regarding Family Tree Maker, please reach out to our Member Services team. We’ll also provide updates on our blog as needed leading up to January 1, 2017. - See more at: