Saturday, November 14, 2015

Free Google Workshop and Viva La France

One of my favorite speakers is Lisa Louise Cooke, known for her Genealogy Gems podcasts. She's also one of the best experts on how to use Google as a tool for genealogy research. The link below is from one of her recent posts on using Google Earth for genealogy--and as one who has used Google Earth in my own research, it is so much fun to use!!! So, if you're interested in "flying" around the world to the places your ancestors have lived--the street or farm they lived on, the church or synagogue they worshiped at, the schools they attended, you need to fly on Google Earth.

And, special thanks for Legacy Webinars for making this online video class available!  Although I don't use the Legacy software (I'm a Family Tree Maker user), I highly recommend the Legacy webinars.
On a personal note, my thoughts and prayers to the people of France--may your wounds heal and all good graces shine on you  and your nation. The world mourns with France. Viva la France.


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