Monday, June 26, 2017

Family History Center Microfilm Distribution Information

Family History Center Microfilm Distribution:
to be discontinued!

One of my favorite reasons to go to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City are the 2.5 million microfilms housed at the library. Because of these microfilms, I found census records, marriage records, church records probate and will records. These microfilms include records dating back to the late 1500's. For those who cannot make the trip to Salt Lake City, the library offered a great benefit--the ability to order the microfilms online and have them sent to the local genealogy library. Saves a lot on airfare to Salt Lake City.

Bottom line--I love ordering the films, and I love using those films!

Now, the Family History Library has announced that on September 1st, the library will no longer distribute (mail out) the microfilms. This should come as no surprise, since the microfilms are being digitalized for online use. Many are already online. Below is the link to their announcement.

Undoubtedly, this will also change how genealogists and family historians will use the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Their first floor has already changed dramatically to become an interactive experience for families, but does little for the more experienced genealogists who are committed to doing serious research. Hopefully, the other four floors of the library will still be one of our genealogy Meccas!

My, how times can change....

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