Friday, September 4, 2015

Labor Day Weekend freebies!!

Holiday weekends are awesome weekends--time off from work (at least I hope you get some time off), time to hang out with friends, take a weekend trip, or just sleep in. I'll be doing a little of each this Labor Day weekend.
Sometimes holiday weekends come with delightful freebies. In this case, I've got a couple to share.
Firstly, Thomas MacEntee has a new ebook out called "The 15 Habits of Highly Frugal Genealogists".  What is especially delightful about this book is that it contains a lot more than 15 habits!! And, if you go to you can get this ebook for free.  Thanks to Thomas for being so generous with your newest  book.
Secondly, check out this weekend. They are offering free access to roughly 1200 of their databases. Always free are their census and naturalization records. Did I mention free? And Ancestry just uploaded a whole bunch of new records that has set the genealogy world on fire--mainly Will and Probate records from each of the US states. I've already found a couple of probate records. One other new set are the records from the US Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, 1875-1940. If you have some German ancestors who were also Lutheran, check out these records. 

By the way, Fold3 is offering a free 7-day trial access. This is a great offer--albeit brief, especially if you have ancestors who served in our wars.

Have a great weekend!

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